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Holy Trinity RC Primary School

Holy Trinity
Roman Catholic Primary School

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Summer 2

CYCLE B - 2020-2021


CYCLE A - 2019-2020


All the children had the opportunity to taste various foods linked to the Water Cycle e.g. Watermelon, Cloudy Lemonade, Water Cress and Chia Pudding.  There were mixed feelings about the pudding!



What better way is there to finish the week?  We took our Class Read - Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans - outside and sat in the shade of the tree to read.

One Goal

We were lucky enough to have Ben and Adam in to talk to us about the 7 treasures - Self Esteem, and Together - Team Spirit.  We had lots of fun activities over the 2 days and the children all had fun with the challenges.

We are our finger prints.

Who will crack the code and open the Treasure Chest to reveal the treasure?

Putting our trust in others to overcome obstacles!  There were some very strange moves!

Cracking the Code!

The Winners!  They had to balance 10 bolts on top of each other without touching htem with their hands!

The 4 person chair challenge!  This was really difficult!

The Pyramid Challenge!  This was great fun.

Guiding our friends through the maze!

Design and Technology

The children have been looking at sculptures by Alberto Giacometti.  They designed their own and made them, in Giacometti's style, using wire and tinfoil.  The final results were fabulous!

Religious Education

Year 5 Class Assembly

As it is the month of June, we remember the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our prayers.  We talked about this in our class assembly to the school and our friends and families.  We also talked about our new RE topic, 'Called to Serve'.  We asked the children to think about how they could serve others as Jesus reminds us that it is better to serve than to be served.

Jesus reminded us in Mark’s Gospel (Chapter 10:43) that

“Anyone who wants to become great among you must be your servant”

The children also sang a song for the other children to join in with which calls us to serve...As for me and my house.  


PE and Sports

Year 5 had the opportunity to partake in a duathlon at the Steven Burke Cycling Hub in Barrowford.  Despite the odd shower of rain, the children had lots of fun and showed great determination.  Mrs Carlile was particularly proud of the way the children supported each other and showed great team work and sportsmanship.  Thank you to Fiona Callahagn, our Pendle SGO who organised the event and also provided transport for us.

We all had a great time!

Eager to set off on our bikes!


The Winners!














Our fantastic photographer!

The most amazing team spirit and support.  Well done everyone.