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Holy Trinity RC Primary School

Holy Trinity
Roman Catholic Primary School

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As a Roman Catholic School, our faith is central to everything that takes place in Holy Trinity.

The Religious Education of our pupils is the core of the Core Curriculum; the practice and teaching of the Catholic Faith is central. Our Faith is not just something added on to everything else we do as a School, but runs through all our learning.  10% RE curriculum time is allocated across all key stages. The staffing and resourcing devoted to RE is of the highest standard, reflecting its significance and importance in our school.

We hope that the children educated at our school will grow towards religious maturity, ready to face the responsibilities of a Christian life.  

Holy Trinity is a caring school community where we all do our best to love one another.

Religious Education at Holy Trinity is comprised of our formal RE lessons, assemblies and collective worship, and our daily living out of the mission statement.

To go forward together in Christ,

respecting our neighbour and striving for excellence!

Pupil Chaplains: 

Pupil Chaplaincy has a very high profile in our school and we are now on our third team of Pupil Chaplains.  This year Holy Trinity has a dedicated team of 7 Chaplains who have a vital role to play in enhancing the Religious Life of our school.  Each Chaplain has to apply for this important job and is interviewed by the Headteacher and the retiring Chaplaincy team.  

Our Pupil Chaplains work hard to promote our Catholic faith in school but they are also a wonderful link between the school and our parish. The job of Pupil Chaplain has a very high profile in school and some of the tasks these pupils carry out include welcoming new pupils and staff to our school, leading Masses and Liturgical events, and leading fundraising initiatives.  They work and pray very hard!

Gardeners and Seeds:

All our Year 6 children act as a 'Gardener' to a reception child 'Seed'. At the start of the year they promise to look after them and play with them and be a friend. The children enjoy learning and growing together and quickly form great bonds.


In the RE curriculum, we use a combination of the schemes Come and See and The Way, The Truth and the Life. Throughout their time at Holy Trinity the children experience different liturgies and we frequently celebrate Mass in school. The children learn about the Catholic faith and how it is enacted in the modern world. They participate in charity events raising money and awareness of those less fortunate. As well as learning about Christianity, the children in all classes spend time learning about other World Religions.


Holy Trinity is part of the Diocese of Salford in the parish of St. John Southworth.