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Holy Trinity RC Primary School

Holy Trinity
Roman Catholic Primary School

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Environmental Review 2021

School Eco Audit – November 2021

On 10th November 2021 the Eco Warriors, Miss Smith and Miss Taylor carried out an audit of the school to identify Eco issues around school both positive and negative. We looked at the previous audit and identified progress and if there are any more issues that need addressing. The findings of the audit are listed below and will direct any future initiatives undertaken by Holy Trinity Eco Warriors.


Oct 2013- Every class has a Biffa bin as well as one in the corridor, the dinner hall, the secretary's room and next to the photocopier. We have a recycling box for batteries also in the corridor as well as a plastic recycling bin in the dinner hall and in the corridor. We need to make some signs for the bins to make them more interesting. We also need to change the bins every week and check that there are no food wrappers in as they have been spotted in the bins before. We decided that the Biffa bins are looking at bit tatty now so we are looking into purchasing some recycling bins.

Sept 2014- Signs were made for our new recycling bins that we purchased- green for paper, yellow for plastic. Each classroom had one of each bin and there are two more of each located on the corridor. There are also paper bins in the office, photocopying room, ICT suite and the head teacher's office. Now, we have decided that we need monitors to check that we are recycling properly, for example, that paper is being put in the green bins and plastic in the yellow bins. We have also decided that we need new posters for the bins as they are either missing or a bit tatty. We have talked about having another assembly to remind children and tell the new reception children about our work- how we recycle paper, plastic, batteries etc and reduce energy.

Nov 2015- We have been recycling much more as a school but we have noticed that the recycling bins are not being used properly as we are finding crisp wrappers and other things in the paper bin. Therefore, we need to make more posters to state which colour bin is for what and we are also going to carry out an assembly explaining all of this. We will also talk about recycling batteries. All of the Eco Warriors are monitoring this situation with the recycling bins too. The green bins should be for paper and the yellow for plastic.

Sept 2016- The bins are still being used for recycling but they are not being used properly all of the time, for example, people are putting fruit in the paper bin. We are going to educate the children on this through assemblies, make new posters for the bins and have recycling monitors to check the bins. We are also going to purchase a fruit bin for the juniors so that they have somewhere to put their fruit. Batteries are still being recycled too.

Sept 2017- The yellow and green recycling bins are not being used properly. People are putting rubbish in these bins and getting mixed up about what goes in which bin. Yellow is for plastic and green is for paper. The recycling monitors will check these bins and posters will be made to show what goes in which bin. We will carry out an assembly showing how to use the bins too. We still recycle batteries too.

January 2019- The recycling bins are not being used properly. We are going to make posters and show the children what goes in which bins. We are also going to elect some recycling monitors to check if the bins are being used correctly.

Dec 2019- We still need to so some more work on showing everybody what to put in our recycling bins and we need to monitor this. We are very good at recycling but sometimes the wrong things are put into the bins. We have decided to carry out a project to reduce plastic in our school. We will be looking at the ‘Live Simply’ Award too. We want to reduce single use plastic in school- children to bring in water bottles that they reuse and not throw away.

November 2021- Due to the pandemic, the recycling bins have been used for other purposes such as paper towels. We need to get bins just for recycling and encourage others to recycle. We need to make new posters too.


Oct 2013- New signs need to be created for turning the lights off and shutting the doors. We are going to continue using 'power rangers' who go around the school at dinner time and switch off lights and projectors when they are not needed.

Sept 2014- We have implemented the 'power rangers'. We change these every half-term and two children are allocated the job at a time. They go around switching lights off and projectors at break times and dinner times. We need to continue to do this. We also thought that now it would be a good idea to have a morning dedicated to not using energy (no computers or lights). Mr Howarth suggested that we purchase new spot lights that save energy as they ones we have are a high voltage. A survey was carried out by him and he found that the 26 spotlights in school use a lot of energy due to their voltage.

Nov 2015- We are continuing with the work of ‘power rangers’. Some of the bulbs/spotlights that we have in school are now energy efficient too. We have decided to also plan an energy saving week/green day to save energy and raise awareness of this.

Sept 2016- We still have 'power rangers' and we are going to educate the school about saving energy through assemblies.

Sept 2017- We still need to save energy. Our power rangers work hard but staff have been told to turn lights off when not in the classroom. The tap in the girls’ toilet also needs pulling up to turn off as it gets stuck so the female Eco Warriors sort this out.

January 2019-The lights are always on in classrooms so we are continuing with our power rangers.

Dec 2019- Again, we will be continuing to reduce the energy in school by turning lights off so we will continue with our power rangers. In the past, the power rangers have done a great job!

November 2021- We need to nominate children to be power rangers to go around school switching the lights off in the classrooms when they are vacant. They will check that the taps are turned off in the infant classrooms too.  


Nov 2013- The bins outside needed changing more often so that wrappers are not blowing around the school yard. Miss Smith will carry out an assembly about the importance of putting litter in the bin. Food waste bins need to be put into class 3 and 4 (class 1 and 2 already have some). We also decided that we could have a first aid bin in the corridor for plasters and other first aid rubbish.

Sept 2014- An assembly was carried out and the bins are all sorted. However, we still have a litter problem. Mr Howarth is now our caretaker and we have asked him to change the bins every Friday (which he has been doing). We now need litter monitors to pick up litter that they see at break times and tell others to put their rubbish in the bin if they see them throw it on the floor. We also want to do a 'litter pick' where we go around the school grounds picking up all of the litter.

Nov 2015- Litter is still an issue but it is not as bad as before. The cleaners change the outside bins every Friday and we are encouraging other children to put their litter in the bin. This will be addressed in our assembly and we have decided to do a litter pick every half-term.

Sept 2016- Litter is still a big issue. It is even attracted wasps near our outside bins. We will do a litter pick every half-term and ask the caretaker to change the outdoors bins every week to stop them from over-flowing and to stop attracting the wasps. Again, this will be addressed in assemblies to encourage children to put rubbish in the bins.

Sept 2017- Litter has improved outside. However, litter in the cloakroom is now an issue. Our Eco Warriors will pick litter up when they see it and put it in the bin. There will also be an assembly to make all of the children aware of the issue. Litter in children’s trays has also flagged up. Staff will be made aware of this. Waste at dinnertimes is another issue. There is a lot of food being thrown away (school dinners and pack lunches). Staff will be made aware of this to monitor and the children will be asked to think carefully before they choose what they want for dinner.

January 2019- Litter is becoming an issue on the playground again so we need to talk to children about this and do litter picks. We need to reduce the food waste at dinnertimes too.

Dec 2019- We still need to work on the litter around school, especially the playground and the field. We need to do regular litter picks and encourage all children to put their litter in the bin.

November 2021- We have seen litter on the school grounds. Litter sometimes comes out of the outside bins when it is windy. This has improved but we still need to work on it. We need to organise some litter picks and ask our caretaker to empty the bins more often.


Nov 2013- The bird table has moved to the front of the school and regularly has fat balls on to attract the birds. Class 1 has developed a minibeast area in their yard. We feel that we could make some bird boxes using twigs.

Sept 2014- We purchased some bird houses and decorated these. Fat balls are used with the bird houses. We have decided that we need to put the bird boxes around the school as they are all in class 1's play area at the moment. We also talked about planting some seeds in the class 1's planters in the summer during one of our meetings.

Nov 2015- We are going to spend some of our meetings in the summer term planning seeds in class 1’s planters. The school grounds look tidier but we need to purchase some fat balls for the bird houses and tables.

We have decided to keep our parents up to date with the work that we do so every term we will write a small section on the Friday newsletter about what we have been doing in school.

Sept 2016- We need to start writing a section for the newsletter. We are going to plant some more seeds in class 1's planters and put fat balls on the bird tables that we have.

Sept 2017- We need to keep the website updated and the newsletter about what we have been doing in out Eco meetings.

January 2019- We need to write more regular sections for the newsletter. We also need to revamp the minibeast area in Class 1’s outdoor area.

Dec 2019- Class 1’s wildlife area needs maintaining more regularly. We also need to keep the school and parents informed of our work more regularly.

November 2021- We would like to make a nature area in the grass by the playground and to plant more seeds in the planters outside of Class 2.