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Holy Trinity RC Primary School

Holy Trinity
Roman Catholic Primary School

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Sports and Clubs


Children at Holy Trinity  take part in a wide variety of Physical Education and Sport activities during their time at the school. In the past year, children have been taught games such as football, netball and basketball, cricket and rounders, and the skills they need to play them well.

 Children swim in the year 3-4  year groups during their time at the school. Our site is well equipped with apparatus and equipment. Our grounds has a hard surface sport pitch and a field that is used throughout the year. Children take part in gymnastics and dance throughout their time at school.

In addition to PE lessons, we have a range of before and after school clubs throughout the year, where children can learn new skills or develop their interest in sports. 

Children from the Holy Trinity participate in sports tournament organised by the Pendle Partnership. 

In addition to the school's budget, and pupil premium funding, our sport is supported by the Government's Sports Premium. Details of the breakdown of spending can be found in the attachment below

Breakfast Club

The school runs a Breakfast Club each morning from 8:00am until 8.45am.  The club provides activities as well as a breakfast for the children who attend. The club is run by experienced members of staff from the school.

The cost is £2 per day which includes breakfast of cereal or toast/toast & jam, fruit or yoghurt, milk or fruit juice.

After School Clubs

We run various lunchtime and after school clubs.  Most clubs have 20 places.